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As well as performing as a full show band, Pop Tease are often called upon to provide their smaller, trubadur set up which is available as either a duo or trio. If you still want high quality but have a small space, budget or would just like a more intimate set up, for example a wedding ceremony then Pop Tease set the example for these occasions.

We are entirely flexible when it comes to setting the scene as our duo or trio combination, all it takes is a chat with us to discuss exactly what you want and we do it. Requests are fullfilled, songs are learnt, themes are tailored to.

Previous events include wedding ceremonies where specially selected songs are played acoustically, a pre-Julbord or Christmas Party where Christmas songs are played acoustically whilst guests enjoy some Glögg or Mulled Wine, an opening to a Boat Show where only songs related to the ocean are played and an evening dedicated to Love Songs for a Valentines Dinner at a prestigious hotel. Or, Pop Tease are also requested on many occasions to bring the ‘party‘ as a duo or trio – for these types of events and occasions we use our custom-made backing tracks so you still get the full band effect as well as everything elese that goes with our Pop Tease name.


Pop Tease Duo Marstrand

Live background music is a perfect compliment for a mix and mingle event. It generates a more social approach and is believed that it makes people feel happier and more at ease. It can spark converstation and because we are setting the scene, Pop Tease Trubadur can gauge the mood of the clientele and choose songs to fit that mood.

Pop Tease Duo Corporate

If your event is happening outdoors then our Pop Tease Trubadur is a quick and simple set up if time is an issue. Of course the full live band can play outdoor events as well, but if you want something simple and effective or something to keep guests entertained, then the Pop Tease Trubadur is a perfect option. A bit of power, a dry surface and we are ready to go!

Pop Tease Hard Rock Cafe

Pop Tease Trubadur also bring their party set on! If the budget isn’t there for the full live band, then the trio is a perfect alternative. We play our songs live to custom-made backing tracks which don’t have lead guitar or bass on (because we play that part!) but the rest of the track is as how the original would sound. So, what you get is a live feel with a band prescence that can really get an audience going!



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Extra Information

  • We provide our full PA, stage & dance-floor lighting for an indoor event of up to 250 people within our quote and for ‘background’ listeners at an outdoor event. Any more, then please call.
  • We can provide free of charge,’dj’ disco music around our sets – this is an un-manned service. If you require a manned DJ service we can provide this for an additional fee.
  • We take approximately 1 & 1/4 hours to complete set up and sound check for the duo provided it is a fairly simple get-in procedure.
  • We require a hot meal for each member of the band as well as soft drinks – negotiable dependent on the schedule.
  • We require a suitable room where the band can change and store their belongings in if you hire the Pop Tease party band for an evening party.


For any other information please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly answer all of your questions!

UK – 07815 309962

Sweden – 07294 81399